Over the years we have found that we have had to make and publish our policies to protect ourselves. As much as we dislike having to state all the rules, like every other business, we have our rules, policies and guidelines. This page will be updated regularly.

Payment Policy.
We do not charge a Booking Fee at our own website. Using our server is the best way to book with Mansfield Motel.
Go to our Booking Button Guests are required to include a valid credit card at time of booking to secure room. Payment for full amount will be debited from the supplied credit card on confirmation of your booking. Invalid cards may result in cancelled booking. An email will be sent informing guest that booking will be voided unless other arrangement is made.) Guests will have an opportunity to rectify this. An email confirmation will be sent, confirming successful payment and securing of booking. If your card has been debited, you will be notified by email immediately. American Express, Diners Club and International cards will attract a 3.6% transaction fee. All other cards do not attract any fee.

Room Services and Cleaning.
Rooms are serviced daily, except for Sundays and public holidays. Due to privacy issues, our service staff are instructed not to service beds if personal items are left on the beds. We also have a Tidy Room Policy, which is stated below in House Rules.

Parking Policy.
Parking during your stay is FREE. It is undercover and each space will be outside your room. One space per room. During winter months we are regularly asked to allow parking at the rear of the motel property. Long Term Parking is available to guests only. Vehicles will be parked at rear of property on unsecured carpark. All reasonable care and attention will be given to vehicles but Mansfield Motel takes no responsibility for vehicles in any way. Keys must be left with reception and payment for parking must be made prior to leaving vehicles. Guests will be charged at $20 per day including any part of any day that the vehicle is parked. Management reserve the right to move any vehicle for the purpose of access for vehicles and pedestrians. Any extra days must be paid for prior to return of keys. By paying the fee and leaving keys with management guests are acknowledging that they have read these conditions.

Cancellation Policy
Mansfield Motel has a relatively relaxed cancellation policy. We try to please our guests and we want you to return.  Compare us with other properties. Some have 14 day cancellation policies.  
Cancellation up to 48 hours prior to stay will not incur penalty, otherwise one nights accommodation will be charged. For stays more than one night/during peak season, a second night stay will also be charged if a No Show. Guests must call Reception on 03 5775 2377 to make late arrival arrangements. Cancellation during stay will not be refunded unless guests have discussed the likelihood on arrival. NO SHOW or declining booking on arrival will incur full charges for booked period and charges for remainder of booking will apply.

Damage Policy
All damage, including damage to mattresses and bedding and all breakages must be paid for. Unclaimed damage to room or property will result in charges to supplied credit card. Disclosed damage can be negotiated. Damage will be funded by guests at cost.

Loss of keys will incur a charge of $200 per key. All keys are special security keys and losses require that we change the locks.

Smoking is not permitted in any room of Mansfield Motel. Any guest that smokes in any room and/or smokes outside the room and causes smoke to enter the room and deposit odour causing residues inside the room and in the opinion of the manager, such odour deters a reasonable person from using the room, a charge of $100 per day and each day that the room is considered unusable and for up to 7 days will be charged to the supplied credit card.

Cooking in rooms is not permitted other than by microwave oven and toaster provided. No naked flames, fires or cooking tops are allowed in rooms. Odours caused by cooking other than microwave or toaster will attract a deep cleaning fee.  Our rooms are clean, fresh and free from chemical smells. Many guests compliment us on how clean and fresh our rooms are. We stay in motels too and we love to walk into a fresh clean room free of horrible chemical smells and stale cooking smells. We presume that our guests appreciate such an experience too. Strong chemical and deodorant smells usually mean they are covering another worse smell. If a guest were to cause an irremovable smell in the room then we will go to the extravagant length of repainting the walls, steam cleaning the carpets and furnishings. Funding will be contributed by the offending guest up to $300. We would like our guests to enjoy the comfort of our rooms. Our policies help to protect this enjoyment. By supplying a credit card at booking or arrival guests are making a promise to adhere to our rules and are giving permission to Mansfield Motel to withdraw funds from the supplied credit card for damage, cleaning costs (in case of cooking or smoking in rooms) and any costs associated with mini-bar payments. Thank you for reading our policies. We aim to provide an excellent experience for our guests. Please inquire with motel for any clarification.

Mini-Bar Snacks
We have provided various temptations such as chocolate, chips, nuts and drinks. All prices are listed in Mini-bar list. It may surprise some guests that the fridge full of goodies is NOT FREE, despite there being a price list clearly displayed. Sometimes we may disappoint a guest when they have filled their bags with chocs and drinks and find that there is a substantial charge on their credit card. Breakfast boxes are also a cost item. These Breakfast-To-Go items are a convenient way to have a breakfast if guests have not ordered from Reception. Prices are listed on Mini Bar Menu’s.

House Rules (posted in each room)

Dear Guests,

We have recently completed a thorough refurbishment and an even more recent repaint of all rooms. We are sure that you are pleased with the excellent condition of our rooms and we would like to keep them in top condition for you to enjoy on your next visit.

We appreciate that the majority of our guests will respect our motel and other guests staying at the Mansfield Motel, but we are instructed to state the following conditions:

The Mansfield Motel regulates a strict NO PARTY or EXCESSIVE NOISE POLICY. Management has a zero tolerance approach and immediate eviction for non-compliance will result.

The Mansfield Motel regulates a strict NO SMOKING POLICY in all rooms. If smoke odour is detected in a room then a charge of $200 will be made on the credit card of the registered guest. This charge is to cover the cost of laundering all soft furnishings and carpet.

Mansfield Motel has a NO COOKING POLICY. Use of guests own cooking equipment is prohibited. Please do not bring electric fryers or gas devices. Frying causes odours and causing such odours will result in charges similar to damage.

The Mansfield Motel has a USER PAYS FOR DAMAGE POLICY. Accidental or negligent damage caused by a guest or visitor such as scratches, permanent marks, dents or stains to plaster, soft furnishings or carpet, repair will be charged to the credit card of the registered guest. Should the damage, including smoke odours, cause the room to be off-line for any number of days, a charge per day for that number of days will be charged to the credit card of the registered guest.

The Mansfield Motel has a TIDY ROOM POLICY. Should your room require more than usual daily or check out cleaning an extra charge of $25 (min) will charged to the credit card of the registered guest. Our Service Staff will respect the privacy of guests whilst conducting services. If personal items are left on beds, staff will not disturb those items.

NO PETS POLICY. Although we love animals, no pets are allowed in the rooms, except for legally registered service animals.

Mansfield Motel takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any monies, valuables, goods or vehicles that belong to you, brought into the rooms, grounds or car-park. All items are guest’s responsibility and we take no responsibility for their safekeeping.

We have a NO BICYCLES, SNOWBOARDS OR SKIS IN ROOMS POLICY. Mansfield Motel has a Skiers Drying/Storage Room which is also used as a bicycle storage room. Guest keys operate the locks.

Please do not remove the Power Card from our Key Rings. Breaking the plastic card or ring will incur a $20 replacement/repair fee. Loss of keys will incur a charge of $200. Do not insert objects other than the room card into power switch.